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Becoming A Voice Actor – A Recipe

Nicky Baker, Singer and Song Writer In the course of my career, up until now, I’ve been asked many times for advice on how to become a voice actor. The truth is, you could probably safely say there are as many roads into voice acting as there are voices! That may sound a little exaggerated but trust me when I say that the method promoted by many voiceover coaches or schools and the like is by no means the only tried and tested route into this much-coveted profession – in fact, in some cases, the final product they’re offering leaves one feeling somewhat shortchanged. Let me explain. One of my voiceover agents in Paris agreed with me that one learns voice acting by… voice acting! When it comes to gigs, there are countless possible job scenarios and descriptions, each one unique to every client and every project, not to say every single session! It would be almost impossible for a voiceover school to cover the entire spectrum of possibilities, although they may give an insight and ‘take the edge off of it,’ so to speak, so that a beginner could jump in the deep end without feeling he or she is going to drown. But the fees of these schools are often pretty high, out of proportion with ‘just getting your feet wet before the big plunge…’ So what does it take and how do you go about becoming a successful working voice actor? The first ingredient, in my mind, is MOTIVATION. Needless to say, this is handy to have in any profession but when it affects an artistic area such as this one, it’s important to have the drive that will keep you going even if and when you feel your chips are down or that it’s not going as fast as you’d like it to. If you have a genuine impulse to work hard and make it, you’re half way there! Read more

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